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3M Scotchcal Paint Protection Film



3M™ Scotchcal Paint Protection Film

For all motorcyle makes and models

(Pictures and Film comparison below)

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=>12" x 36" Kit - only $36.95US (includes S/H see below for kit details)
Additional 12" lengths available at $10/foot
Orders can be shipped internationally
I have been using the product for a couple years on my bikes. It does a great job of protecting your paint in wear areas and unlike cheaper imitations, it goes on completely clear . Don't confuse this product with the clear film or contact paper sold by some bike shops (New !! - Don't just take my word for it - see below for a film comparison) . This is professional quality paint protection - a few extra dollars up front and a little time on your part and you will keep your bike looking factory fresh for years to come.The film can be cut to meet each individual's needs so the kit is in no way specific to one make or model of bike (see pics on Martin's Guzzi below).

Kit includes :
=> 3M 6mil (9mil with adhesive) Scotchcal film - 1 piece 12" x 36" (30.48cm x 91.44cm) - this is enough to do the tank, knee areas and some spots on the lower fairing (on the Sprint ST)
=> 1 - 3M Squeege
=> 1 - Low friction sleeve (for the squeegee)
=> Installation Instructions
=> Set of sample templates for the ST
=> Kit pricing (including S/H): <=
US and Canada -- $36.95US
UK / Europe / Australia / New Zealand / Japan -- $39.95US

Additional 12" lengths are available at $10/foot

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3M Film used as a tank protector on my ST
Can you see where it is?
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3M Film on my Speed Triple
You can barely notice the edge of the film
if you look at it from this angle.
One of the most common questions is, "Is it worth the time and effort to install ?"
Here is the answer to that question. This is my lower bellypan area after a recent trip to the mountains. Notice, the paint damage - both chips and discoloration in the areas not protected by the film. Pretty amazing stuff.....
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A closeup of the film after more than one year's wear and tear. Looking at the edge of the fairing you can barely see the edge of the film. Notice the wear on the 3M film on the tank (upper right corner) - no repainting necessary - film will be peeled off and replaced with new film. 

The 3M film on Martin Fay's Guzzi..... expand the pics and you can see it..... barely....

One of the most frequent FAQs is what is the difference between this product and the clear film that I can buy at my local bike shop or clear contact paper that I can buy from the local household supplier. The difference is this - the 3M Scotchcal was designed specifically to be used on painted automotive applications. They knew that it had to protect, but they also knew that it had to be invisible execept under close scrutiny.

The Showdown

Clear Film at High Noon....

3M Scotchcal film (9mil) versus N-Style clear film (actually a 12mil 3M Scotch film). I choose to use my topbox for the comparison. The top consists of two fairly flat areas with a complex curve between them.......
The competition - I choose a 4 inch x 6 inch piece of each film - Scotchcal on the right (white)
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Following installation instructions to the letter, the film was installed. I added the black outline on each piece to make it easier to view.
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N-Style film - I spent 10 minutes removing air bubbles, but finally tired of trying to get anymore out.
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N-Style - This might be fine for an underside or something that wouldn't be seen, but I wouldn't use it for the tank area or any spot that was readily visible.
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3M Scothcal - notice the complete lack of undersurface bubbles.Very clean looking....
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3M Scotchcal - Without the black outline, this would be nearly invisible. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... You be the judge - I think it's worth the extra.....
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