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#955-S-GL Gunfighter & Lady $359 US

#297 Passenger backrest $199 US


Corbin’s Gunfighter & Lady saddle provides you with ergonomically developed sport touring comfort. Our dual sculpted seating positions provide excellent weight dispersion so you can really rack up the mileage. Our Comfort Cell® foam gives you firm support that retains its resiliency indefinately. Gunfighter & Lady has the option of a removable passenger backrest for added comfort and security. Our backrest is adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your passenger’s profile. Installs or removes easily with a single set screw. Saddle and rest include genuine leather seating inserts in choice of styles. Our new Carbon Fiber laminated leather looks awesome when combined with a ghost grey welt.

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Paul's Positive Experience...

January 17th, 1999

Saturday it looked like rain, like a heavy mist when we left for Hollister. Jeanne drove, I was outfitted in my Triumph Rainsuit etc.

An hour and a half later, we pull up to the Corbonm Factory for our scheduled appointment. Moments later, we are in the service bay, talking to Gustavo about my new seat. Jack, found our prepaid (at the show, saved 10%) paper work and we began. They put the new seat on, and placed a couple of pieces of naughahyde over each seating area, and we rode around the building. Gustavo marked where Jeanne wanted a bit off the sides, and I did the same. After several trips and adjustments, the seat fit us both great. The reason we are doing this is Jeanne doesn't like the forward can of the pillion, and she is forever trying to hold herself from falling into me. Now she has more of a saddle that doesn't tip her forward. They ended up adding a bit to the front of the pillion to give her the support she wanted.

Then to the showroom where we looked at other seats. I had originally envisioned a Union Jack of the side of the seat, but they were going to have to make the flag out of vinyl, at considerable cost (another 25%), so I scrapped the idea. I really did like the carbon fibre leather though. But I wanted a simple, elegant design. So I asked them to not use the customary black naughahyde on the sides, but to use the CFLeather throughout. We talked about welts and color accents, but I saw the VFR on the floor that didn't have the wraparound piping and I liked it. So I ended up with one small accent on either side. It'll take another two hours to complete, we were told.

When we first arrived, we were given a coupon good for a couple of breakfasts at their cafe. So we headed off and had a really delicious breakfast. Everyone was so friendly and nice. We chatted with the only other bike there at that moment, a brand new soft-tail, pearl white, 150 miles on it. The owner had just got it. Her husband was there taking all sorts of pictures while they fitted the new saddle to her and the bike. So we ended up chatting quite a bit.

While we were waiting, we were asked if we wanted to stroll around the plant, which we did. Very interesting operation. I thought they grabbed a base, added foam, shaped it and then covered it. Not so, they take a mold, paste up with mold release, buff it. Then they lay up the base material. I should've asked, but it looked like a black fiberglass, that was pushed and molded to form the base plate. I think this was then heat treated to cure a bit, then the mold was closed up and injected with foam. A few minutes later, they opened the mold and popped out a seat. These are then trimmed and covered, or in our case, custom fitted to the customer, tehn covered.

When Gustavo came and found me, the seat looked great. I asked about leather protectant, which I also purchased there, along with a custom made vinyl cover for the seatr that can be slipped on and ridden. Gustavo applied a bit of the leather protectant and the seat just sprang to life. It really brought out the CF look. He made sure the seamstress oriented the several piece of leather in the same direction. Next to the CF tank protector, it looks fantastic.

The Harley owner was nice enough to take a couple of picture in the factory, and was very complimentary. The seat fits beautifully, and offers many more riding psoitions than the stocker. The only bad thing about it at all is it probably weighs easily twice what the Triumph seat weighs. But I love it, and most importantly, Jeanne loves it. So, when it warms up a tad, I'll send another report, from the pillion :-)

When I sit as close to the tank as I can, it feels like I'm support by the crotch and inner thighs, but when I slide back to the touring, or definitely tucking behind the windscreen mode, I am support by the outer portions of the posterior. So as I move around, I can find totally new areas to sit with. On the way down, my but was getting a bit sore by the time we got there, and on the way back, I never even noticed.

I know there has been volumes written on how awful Corbin service has gotten over the years, but my experience can be summed up in two words, "totally impressed". The service was fantastic, the product looks even better, the folks were extremely pleasant, as were ever other customer I spoke to. If you can get to the factory, and are interested in a Corbin seat, I highly recommend getting it custom fitted. What a great experience.