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from Michael Petrilla
I recently added heated grips to my 2001 ST and I wanted to let people know that apparently the wiring harness has changed for 2001. The instructions say that the plug for the grip's wiring harness can be found near the relay block, behind the right hand headlight. A friend of mine has a 1999 ST and it is located there. But on my bike it is on the left hand side behind the left hand headlight. I searched high and low before I found it. I even took the front fairing off, and the only unused plug on the bike's harness is behind the left headlight. My grips work fine so it must be the correct plug. I hope this helps other 2001 owners who are looking for the plug.

See below for some mounting suggestions.

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Template showing suggested mounting location
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Alternate switch location
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Width of heated grip (caliper) vs stock grip
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Stock grip compared to heated grip
The first two pictures show suggestion switch mounting location and alternate location. The switch looks ok on the Black ST when mounted on the fairing, but really sticks out when mounted on the Red. Also, while the switch has a face that would appear to light up, it in fact does not - not sure why, but they all function that way. Maybe someday I'll get adventerous and open it up to see if it will accept a bulb.....
Alternate switch location provided by Neil Anderson
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This is the alternative position I mentioned for the heated grip switch. The grip is just below the middle of the photo, on the cockpit fairing just in front of the left bar. It allows the left side fairing to be removed easily for maintenance, but still has the grip switch reasonably near the bars for easy access.
Several listers in the US have purchased the headlight switch from Jack Lilley's and have used that in place of the stock heated grip switch. Switch costs approximately $100US.