Sprint ST Accessories Page

A collection of information and pictures on accessories for the Sprint ST. Most will be Triumph branded accessories, but as more becomes available from 3rd party vendors, we will add them to these pages. If you have information on a product not listed, please email us.

All prices shown are suggested retail prices - The $ prices are the MSRP prices for the accessory line, and the £ prices came from ST List sponsor, Jack Lilleys Ltd. (excluding VAT).

The Lilleys prices are already great, but if you are planning on purchasing more than £200 of accessories, I would recommned the JL Discount Card - Available for £20, the JL Discount Card will give you an additional 10% off accessories and clothing purchased through Lilleys for one year. Contact Steve for more info on this program.

The prices are posted for REFERENCE only - prices can vary from one dealer to the next and don't reflect shipping and handling charges, discounts, sales or changes in pricing. Basically, don't blame me if the price is wrong .... ;-)
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Accessory List

General / Misc / Cool Stuff




Seats / Saddles

Panniers / Bags / Tankbags


Body Works

CF / Cowls / Mudguards / Huggers / Misc

Bars / Risers

Exhausts / Racing Silencers

Heated Grips / Grips / Throttle Locks - Cruise Controls

Paddock Stands

Paint Protection