Sprint ST and RS Accessories
Jack Lilley Carbon Fibre Bits, Exhausts and Windscreens

These items are all custom designed by Lilley's for the ST and RS. I personally have ordered many items from Steve and crew and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sprint ST Parts

Sprint RS Parts

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The Lilleys prices are already great, but if you are planning on purchasing more than £200 of accessories, I would recommned the JL Discount Card - Available for £20, the JL Discount Card will give you an additional 10% off accessories and clothing purchased through Lilleys for one year. Contact Steve for more info on this program.

Sprint ST

JL695017 Light tint Double Bubble Windscreen
JL695016 Lilley ST Performance Exhaust
JL695018 ST Frame Slider

(approx 20£ post on this item to the US due to weight - this item also sold as GSG Moku Frame Slider)

Click here to see the slider in action - A few paint abrasions were the only injury from this slide...

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JLT140977 ST front guard carbon
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JLT140978 T5 sprocket cover carbon
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JLT140979 ST belly pan rhside carbon
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JLT140980 ST belly pan lhside carbon
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JLT140981 ST rhs cockpit trim catbon
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JLT140982 ST lhs cockpit trim carbon
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JL695011 carbon frame protector
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JL695012 carbon rear hugger

Sprint RS

JL695020 Lilley RS Mirror Extension
JL695015 Lilley Double Bubble Replacement Windscreen
JL695014 Lilley RS Performance Exhaust

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JLT140994 RS belly pan carbon
JLT140995 RS seat cowl carbon