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Sargent has several offerings for the ST

This page shows the following:

=> Sargent Premium Foam Upgrade
=> Metro Tank Panel System
=> Case Protectors

Note: Since this page was first created Sargent has begun to offer a seat for the '99-'04 ST and RS. Visit their site for more information.

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Seat Modification / Premium Foam Upgrade

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The Sargent Seat (more pics below)
by Eric Sheley  

Well, I've heard nothing but good things from those that have used Sargent's services, so I decided to give them a try. I've been a long time Corbin supporter, but recent experiences have left me looking for an alternative. I contacted Sargent to see what they offered for the Sprint, but they had not had an ST in the shop to work with. Their shop is located in Jacksonville Florida, so as it was relatively close (about 150 miles away) I offered my ST up as a Guinea Pig....
First a little background: I was very satisfied with the ST seat until my first long trip (to the ST Rallye). Covering 1400 miles in 22 hours twice in a period of 5 days left me a little sore in the derriere. Add to that the wrinkling of the seat covering when running a couple hundred miles or more and my wife's "disgust" with the passenger portion of the seat - I knew a change was necessary. Of course, Sargent was completely confident in their ability to take care of the problem at hand (or should I say "at rear"?) ;-)
Bill from Sargent called me after I delivered my bike to go over what I wanted to achieve. He is very good at what he does and laid out all the options that were available to me. We decided to perform the "Super Cell Atomic Foam" upgrade to both the driver and passenger areas of the seat. The rise was moved back to give a little more area for me to move around in (great on those long miles) and the edges were brought up more versus the "angled-in" design of the stock foam. This latter change ended up widening the seat pan by about an inch.
The job was finished out with Griptex inserts on the front, Colour matched covering for the passenger area and the addition of a blue welt to tie the seat into the paint design on the bike.

The Bottom Line

If you're anything like me, you have two questions at this point. How much did it cost ? and Was it worth it?
The answer to the first question is that it varies, depending on the amount and type of modifications requested. My seat (with all the mods I described) came in at just under $230US. As you would expect, if you want less done the cost will be lower - if you want more done, the cost will be higher. The great thing is that you get to decide - you are not forced into what someone else has decided that the aftermarket seat will be. If you are not sure what you want, give Sargent a call and they will be more than happy to work with you on your options.
As for the second question, all I can say is that I must be an idiot .....
..... for not having this done long ago ;-)
The seat performed wonderfully on the trip home. On the 150 trip, I had no numbness or soreness and because the rise was moved back, I was able to move around to my hearts content. I now have 200 miles on the seat and can only envision my continued happiness with the seat....

Pictures of the stock Sprint ST seat

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Stock Seat
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Measurements for comparison purposes:
Driver seat area approx 15 inches in length with 3 inches of height. Seat measured 13.5 inches from edge to edge (across the top) at the front and 16.5 inches at a point 9 inches back from the tank
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Top view of stock seat

Pictures of the Sargent modified seat

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Measurements for comparison with stock:
Driver seat now 17" in length. Seat height remains at approx 3 inches. Edge to edge measurement remains the same at the front, but the seat pan is widened slightly at the back to 18 inches.

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Click to expand The cut in the back of the seat area is deeper than it appears. The cut out can be better shown with the addition of a wire in that area, but on this seat it would detract from the smooth lines of the seat. Click to expand


Metro Tank Panel System

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Metro Tank Panel with Micro Bag - $89.95US
Designed for everyday use the Metro system utilizes the "Soft Mount System"
The tank panel, made from a heavy-duty, black, mildew and UV-resistant vinyl, is paint- and bike-friendly. The panel itself is felt-lined, and it utilizes a nylon harness system that quickly secures to the bike. It also features a handy utility pocket net (shown) for stashing sunglasses, garage door opener, or mobile phone.
Micro Bag - A standard feature of all Metro tank panels, the two-compartment Micro Bag easily fastens to the bike during road travel, and easily converts into a waist bag for foot travel. The top compartment has an easy open twist fastener while the lower compartment utilizes a zipper. It attaches to the panel with three snap fasteners.
The system will also accept the "Larger Travel Bag" and the "Sargent Super Bag"

Case Protectors

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View from the front
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Back side of bag.
Notice the D-Ring below the signal - the bungee attaches here to secure cover for use while touring.
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View of the Heat Shield
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Case Protectors™ for the Sprint ST - $89.95US

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Custom-designed to fit over the hard-sided Triumph ST luggage kit, these handy Case Protectors™ protect the luggage's finish - whether the bike is in a cluttered storage area or on a heavy-traffic showroom floor. Convenient enough to use while touring, the Case Protectors are made from a durable, stretchy material that wads up into a compact ball. And, Case Protectors™ are suitable for use while touring. A simple bungee and hook system provides additional security while in transit. And the bungee system keeps the Case Protectors™ properly oriented to the hard case for easy removal and road side access to the luggage contents - and easy re-installation.
Case Protectors™ are made from a four-way stretch material that fits the complex contours of the hard luggage. Heat-resistant materials are used in areas that are close to exhaust pipes, and special care has been taken to allow the Triumph logos to show through.