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A few pictures of my modifications to the tank pad to make it easier to put on / take off. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

Another suggestion for modification from Gary Slabaugh below.
With all the additional hard storage I find that I don't use my tank bag that often. However, I love having it on long trips or running with just the map pouch on the tank pad but didn't like how long it took to install and remove the pad. I looked at several quick release clips before deciding on this method. This gives me a quick on / off without looking like it is easily removed (and therefore an easy target for theft). Pad is installed by clipping the rings at the front and then tightening via the straps at the back. Removal / Installation can be performed in a minute or less. Click to expand
Close up of the D-clips. I purchased them in the camping section of local sporting goods store. Make sure to get metal and not plastic. I tossed a washer in one side just so you could see it opened. I added the velcro tie wraps to keep the rings from moving around which will hopefully keep the straps from wearing through.
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View of the front straps. The length is adjusted before adding the velcro straps near the D-rings. Once adjusted there is no need to adjust length unless the straps stretch from use (mine have not changed since I initially did this).
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Sorry that this is so hard to see. I clip the D-rings over the subframe where it bolts to the headstock There is one arm on each side, so one clip goes on each.
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The rear straps go down to thread through the underseat mount and then back up through buckle. Notice the shortened length of the strap - I left a couple of inches and then chopped off the excess (remember to burn the ends to keep the straps from fraying).
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The final step is to take the loose end of strap and run back through the center slot in the buckle making the casual observer think that the release is under the seat.

click to expand From Gary Slabaugh
Here are pictures of the way I made my Triumph tank bag mounting system more user friendly. I salvaged some straps and clips from an old tank bag that was mostly trashed and installed them on the front of the bag mounting pad. I first installed a female type clip on the front straps where they would normally go around the frame spars. I also extended the existing tank protection pads by gluing on some foam rubber pads to keep the tank from getting scratched be the new clips. I then installed straps around the frame spars with the male type clips. These stay on permanently as I have found they are mostly out of sight and not in the way of anything. I have kept the original mounting system on the back of the tank as I was only frustrated with fighting the straps in front to feed them between the tank and frame. Tank and pad can be removed in under a minute using my system.
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