Sprint ST FAQ's

Differences on year 2000 models and on CA spec bikes

Year 2000 + models


Differences between the 99 ST and 2000 STs include:


2001 STs

There are several additional minor changes (bolts changed from Torx to Hex etc) which are of minor signifigance.

In the words of ST lister Blake Sobiloff, "As you can tell, there aren't too many changes in the later model years -- Triumph pretty much nailed it right out of the gate. I think any time someone can get a deal on an ST they're quite lucky, regardless of the model year."

CA Spec Bikes

The CA models have the emission control system (consisting of 5 new lines, a pressure control valve, a one way valve, a purge control valve, and a carbon canister) as well as 3 catalyst bricks in the collector of the exhaust system. The catalyst brick accounts for a 4 hp to 8 hp loss in total horsepower.