Sprint ST FAQ's - Electrical


Accessory Plug

Q: Is there any other source other than Triumph for the plug that fits into the ST accessory socket?

A: Yes. The part is also identical to the accessory plug used by BMW. In addition John Deere offers a plug that fits - part number RE11344 with a retail of approximately $9US.


Q: I want to add a heated vest and radar detector - will the alternator handle it?

A: The STs alternator was setup so that a full complement of heated clothing could be used without draining the battery. One of the little listed features on the ST is a 12V accessory outlet just under the fairing on the left side. The addition of a vest and radar won't be a problem - the ST has a 40Amp (480watt) alternator. If you are really concerned, fire up the bike and turn everything on and check the voltage at the battery - it should remain around 13.8 volts.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the alternator does not put out full output at low rpm. If you are doing a lot of city driving and running a lot of accessories, you may notice a deficit.
(The fuse on the accessory circuit is 10 AMP - don't exceed that). .


Q: Is there any other source for the stock battery found in the ST?

A: Yes. Wal-Mart offers a replacement under part number GTX14-BS. As an FYI, the stock battery in my ST is a Yuasa YTX14-BS

Dual Headlights

Q: Only my right headlight is used for dipped beam, and the left one for main (high) beam. Can the lights be rewired so that both work on dipped and both are used for hi-beam? ?

A: Yes. On 99 STs, you will need to order the set of two by-pass leads, which consist of a white plastic connector block and twin black shorting leads. These plug into the respective connectors coming from each headlamp unit, under the left and right sides of the upper fairing, just next to each headlamp unit (access from the space between handlebars and the dash). These cost about DM12,- (6 euros)

Do not fit part number T2500235 as they will lead to a flat battery

(Thanks to lister Roger Downham for this info)

Headlight Lamp Removal / Replacement

Q: Is it possible to replace the lamps without removing the upper and lower fairing ?

A: Yes - while it is easier to replace them with the fairing removed, I have replaced mine twice with the fairing in place without too much difficulty.

I find that it is easier to start with the left bulb (as it is easier to reach). Start by unplugging the electrical connector. If you look at the plug when removed, the horizontal socket should be oriented toward the top. Remove the rubber dust boot - it simply pulls back off the housing. Undo the spring clip - it releases on the right side.

If you look at the pictures above you will see where the spring clip is. In order to release the spring clip press forward on the right end of the clip then slide it up and SPROING it's released! Remove the old bulb and replace with the new one, lining up the bulb in the socket with the single horizontal flange in the upper position. Reattach the spring clip (reverse of removal) and replace the rubber boot. It may be necessary to wiggle the boot back and worth until it seats - you will be able to feel the difference one it does. The plug in the electrical connector and move off to the next lense.

Another tip: put your bike on its center stand so that you may easily pivot the forks to either side.

Heated Grips

Q: I removed the wires from the switch on the side panel to service the bike, but did not record the order that they were installed.

A: From the run end of the switch (the end without the little white symbol) the colours are