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Oil / Filter


Oil Level

  When checking the level of the oil in the sight glass, be sure the bike is on level ground (this means not on the sidestand or centerstand). When checking, I normally use the centerstand as a guide (pulling it down until it touches the ground with both legs) to make sure that I am taking a reading with the bike straight up and down. Of course the safest method would be to have an assistant hold the bike so that you don't end up dropping it.....


Mobil 1 4T Racing

Part # A9650000

Price $39.95US-$49.95US
What is it and why so much?
That seems to be a common question posed by new owners. Richard White did a little investigation on the Triumph oil and the Mobil MX4T product available for approximately $8 US per quart.
Subject: MX4T oil
I would like to know what the difference is between Mobil's MX4T oil and the Triumph branded Mobil 1 oil for motorcycles. Thanks, Richard D. White
Dear Mr. White,
Thanks for your interest in Mobil's new line of Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oils. Your question on the differences between Mobil 1 MX4T and Mobil 1 for Triumph is a good one.
First of all, both products are premium quality fully synthetic motorcycle oils that will provide exceptional performance in all 4-stroke motorcycles. There are a couple of small differences in the products, as part of their expected application and target market segments, but the core high performance additive system is the same for each product.
Mobil 1 for Triumph is a SAE 15W-50 grade product, based on Mobil's European Mobil 1. This product was fully tested by Triumph in-house and therefore is fully approved and recommended as the preferred product for Triumph motorcycles.
Mobil 1 MX4T is an SAE 10W-40 viscosity grade developed for the US market, where a 10W-40 grade is preferred for 4-stroke motorcycles, particularly Japanese sport models
In addition, we offer Mobil 1 V-Twin, an SAE 20W-50 grade, targetted for hot-running V-Twin powered bikes, particularily those that are air cooled.
As mentioned above, all three products will provide excellent performance and durability in any 4-stroke motorbike. However, we offer the different grades to target the needs of different customers and different motorcycle manufacturer's recommendations.
Please let me know if you require any further information, and again, thank you for your interest in Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil.
Ray Bergstra Automotive Product Manager

Oil Filter

Part # T1210200
Price $8US - $14US
Standard spin on filter. The filter can be changed without removing the lower fairing, but make sure to have an oil filter socket before getting started. My wrench made by CTA is a size "G". These should be available from most auto parts stores. When doing your own filter change, please remember to change the crush washer on the drain bolt. Reuse should be avoided as you are only inviting an oil leak.
NOTE: In case of an out of stock situation on the filters, a Honda spin on filter may be substituted. Part number for the filter is: "1 5410 mm9-013". The filter is slightly longer than the Triumph one and will require the use of a different wrench as the body is a different size (by about 1mm).



  Coolant can be checked through the slit on the left rear fairing. The manual states that you must remove the fairing to add coolant, but using a funnell with a long neck will allow you to fill without removing body parts.