Center Stand Recall - 2/05/1999

All ST's shipped before 2/5/1999 are subject to the following:

Update 2/23/99 The new stand is here - the tabs have been added to help spread out the force and keep the tabs on the frame from being damaged. If your stand doesn't have the tabs, take it to your dealer for replacement.

Updated stand - click to expand  

Update 2/16/99 - Received a call from the dealer. In order to receive a new center stand, the old one must be removed from the bike and sent immediately to Triumph. Replacement stands will then be sent back to the dealer for installation. So for those who were going to leave them on until the replacements arrived, break out the allen wrench ......

Original Recall - Effective immediately, please remove the center stand from all 1999 Sprint ST's (both in house and on the road). Center stands on a small number of motorcycles have been found to be going too far over top dead center due to variations in manufacture of the stand. Failure to remove the stand may result in damage to the motorcycle. New stands will be forwarded within the next 30 days. kkk If you have any questions, please contact your dealer.