Sprint ST FAQ's - Underseat Storage


The question was posed a couple of years ago, "Any suggestions for removing a seat that has an item stuck under it wedging the lock and keeping it from disengaging ?"

The response then was "What possibly could be put in the small underseat storage area on Hinckley Triumphs ?"

The answer is posted here, without permission of the original poster, Jim Collum. Tried to contact him but was unable to do so.... if anyone knows Jim, have him post me a line.

If you are a cat lover through and through, you may want to hit your back button now....

From Jim:

I live in a room in an old Victorian house in Santa Clara. The landlady downstairs is a little old grey haired woman who loves cats. So do I, my cat in England lives like a king. It is part of the reason I am living in this house with all these cats running around. Well, the landlady doesn't like any of the vets in this area (convinced they are robbing here) and therefore uses one in Walnut Creek (40 odd miles north of here).

She had a big litter of cats late last year and the runt was particularly sweet but had a stomach problem, last week he died after being in the vets for 4 days. Landlady is most upset, and asks if I wouldn't mind picking up the little cat, so she can give it a proper burial in the garden. Being that she is to distressed to go herself I agree to pick the cat up.

I get the cat, (it is frozen, and wrapped) and bungee it to the back of my bike. Heading back on highway 680 the wrapping comes off, some pillock in a car then sees the cat and gets on a cell phone to the police, I get a tug near Pleasanton with lights, sirens "step off the bike, remove the helmet, and throw the key on the floor" over the speaker.

My experience with US police so far has been favourable, but this was like something on "Cops", I would have started singing "bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do" but the cop is convinced I'm in a cult or something equally weird being on a bike, dead cat as a passenger so I thought it best to duck the jokes.

Finally I explain the situation, but he then is just pissed that he can't write me up for something. So he then takes the tack that I cannot go around distressing members of the public with a dead ornament on the back of my bike, and will offer nothing to wrap the cat. So when I ask him what should I do with it, at which point he gets all smart and macho and says " I don't give a shit but you ain't riding off with that dead cat there"

So it wasn't possible to leave the dead cat and come back in a car "Not at the side of the freeway, pal." - Stick it down my jacket, which wasn't really on (yuuk!) or wedge it under the seat.

So that was Saturday, it is now almost Weds, I have had to leave the bike at work as it stinks like shit and the alarm keeps telling everyone randomly that "this Triumph motorcycle is being stolen".

I've gave it my best shot at lunch time but no luck, the seat is stuck fast. This is not a good week, not counting the bike, I need to get a replacement dead cat or somewhere to live PDQ.


Before I get flamed for not being relevant to Triumphs I should point the technical point to be included in the next FAQ, that is that a 5 month old dead cat doesn't fit in the under seat storage area.