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Last updated on 03-October-2000

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  1. #1 - Tire that was on the bike (brand, model and size)
  2. #2 - Mileage and tread left (for those changing tires before wear bars show)
  3. #3 - What you replaced it with (or same)
  4. #4 - Any comments
ST Owner Tire Mileage and Tread Left Replaced With Comments
Brian H.Robertson


BT57 Avon Azaro's II AV35 for front and AV36 for rear Switched to the Avons after reading the MCN report. I agree with the MCN report, and think the tyres are terrific. I particularly noticed after the switch to Avon's, the bike turns in a lot quicker than previous. Profile more arched than BT57's which probably explains this. Give a good feeling of confidence anyway when cranked over. Mileage yet to be seen, but Avon reckoned on getting approx. 5000miles from the rear and double that for the front. I like them anyway.
BT57 (F&R) Front worn out in centre of each side at 4700 miles

Replaced as pair

Avon Azaro Sport AV39 (F)

Avon Azaro AV36 (R)

Over 1000 miles on the Avons now. Fully satisfied.Track day experiences - able to grind footpegs and knee sliders in complete confidence. No signs of rear break away during maximum acceleration from low speed corners. Front steers very much quicker than Bridgestones (though this is due in part to suspension changes). Good feedback during heavy braking.
BT57R 2710 miles, 1mm (centre) heavily squared off BT57R (still plenty on BT57F) Mostly solo miles. Not greatly confidence inspiring, though symptoms masked by general poor handling. Intend to replace with a pair of Avon Azaro IIs next time round. Suspension should be sorted by then too (front damping & springing, Ohlins rear).
Jonathan Schulster
Pirelli Dragon GTS 9000km Metzeler MEZ4 The new MEZ4 was slightly more expensive than the GTS (DM30+), but has the advantage of being homologated in Germany for road use on the Sprint ST. So far I have completed about 1500 km on the bike. The new tyres scrubbed in well, with no slides. In the wet they are far superior to the GTS, which gave some alarming slides on 'overbanding' (road snakes!). The MEZ4 inspire confidence in the wet, and dry weather grip is at least as good as the GTS. They MEZ4 has a much slower turn-in that the GTS, having a 'shallower' profile. I think I prefer the faster turn-in of the GTS, which was even faster than the BT57 OEM.
Jonathan Schulster
BT57 120-60? 180/55 8,900 km rear - no tread left across centre section Pirelli Dragon GTS perceived better grip and stability, especiallz in wet or across overbanding very good front tread pattern prevents 'cuppng' and 'step' formation between tread blocks
Martin A. Fay
BT57 3000 miles. Front deformed and affecting handling. Rear had another 750 - 1,000 miles still left in it. Avon RZR & RZF Std. Sizes Superior grip over BT57. Predictable turn in. Much improved stability, especially when cranked fully over under power. Construction works well with Std. Suspension. Unbelievably sticky. I don't expect these to last very long.
Paul Master
BT57 4,900 miles - no tread in center BT57 front tire still has plenty of life left. There was virtually no tread left in the center of the rear tire, and the last non-commute ride, the rear felt really greasy, seemed to be sliding very easily. I ran Triumph recommended pressures 36 F, 40 R, riding one up most of the time.
Bruce McCurdy
stock Bridgestone BT57s : 4500 miles, the rear tire was shot (practically a slick), the front tire had maybe another 1000 miles in it Metzeler MEZ3s I replaced both front and rear tires to maintain consistent tread pattern and tire handling characteristics. The MEZs seem to hold the road better than stock, although I did feel they wanted firmer steering inputs to settle into a line. It's not severe, mind you, just a bit more effort than required by the BT57s, which almost seemed to fall into turns by comparison. First impressions are very positive.
Kyle Rocke
Original Bridgestone BT57 1111 Swedish miles (6905 American miles) Rode it down to the cords! Michelin Macadam MX90 I've just had them one day. I slid a couple of times during a 2 hour twisty run. It went real well when I almost topped her out. Hit 250 kmh (speedo), 155mph, with out hitting the rev limiter. No wobbles, responsive, no problems. Just hope it gets better in the twisties after I've roughed them up enough.
John Munday
Avon Azaro Av36 120/70-17 & 190/50-17 Replaced at 4800 kls (3000 mls) when rear wore out Metzeler MEZ3 front and rear I had these tyres fitted to the bike from new. Excellent grip front and rear. 190 size is perhaps to wide and tends to push the front in corners. I am returning to the standard 180 size rear. I can't afford the $580 Aust Dollars ($370 US dollars) for a new set of Avons every 4800 kls (3000 miles)
Larry Murdock
BT57 6,000 miles - back was gone, but front still had another 1,000 miles Dunlop 205's I'm just getting used to the Dunlop's, but I'm hoping to get as good or better handling with a bit longer tread life. The Bridgestones seem to be reasonably good tires albeit a little slippery when cold
James Lock
BT57 I got 5500 out of the rear and it had about 2/32 left. Mostly worn in the center (central Texas) but some good edge wear all the way over to the sidewall. The front still looked good, but I wanted a matched set Metzeler MEZ4 The front feels looser on the straight up riding (a little slight high frequency shutter), but man it sticks much better when cranked all the way over. It's really nice on the transition from right to left also
Hoppler, Harl
BT57 3800 miles to the cord, evenly worn, not just flat in the center, tires run at recommended pressures Replaced with MEZ3 front and MEZ4 rear Metzelers are slightly slower steering, but don't stand up on corner braking
Retherford, Martin
BT57 8,600 miles. Side tread left but center worn and flat. Front replaced at 12,300 miles Dunlop D205 Tire still had side tread, center worn almost to the point were the bike would stand by itself (squared center). Extremely too soft for my type of riding
Jack Hays
BT57 I had about 1,000 miles left in my tire at 3,300 on the odometer. However, with the Rallye and extended high speed riding with panniers and very high temperatures it was decided to change then. Avon Azaro AV36's I like the way it handles so far and the yet weather we encountered didn't seem to affect the tire at all. I'm at about 1,500 on the tire now and will update as the wear becomes more evident.
Falls into corners easier than the BT's
jim schroeder
D-205's thrashed 'em at the track, then wore them to Seca and beyond! Rear was history at about 4100 mi. Front D-205 is still on there, but needs replacing due to cupping, etc. @ 9100 mi D-204 (a little softer) and it's got 5000 mi. on it. I can see it going another 1500-2000. The Dunlops have always felt planted, even after much wear. I would also mention the Dun's improved ride quality and comfort, much better feel than the stockers. I'm anxious to put on a new set of 205's and let them take their course on the street only. I bet they'll last excellent
jim schroeder
Bt-57's Changed out at approx. 2300 mi D-205's The BT-57's were never confidence inspiring, feeling a little slippery at the worst of times=8^(.
Steven Kohlscheen
Stock/OEM Bridgestone BT57 7400 miles on the rear worn to the wearbars Pirelli Dragon GTS Dragon tire is grippier faster than the stock BT57's. The BT57's take some time to heat up and get sticky. The Dragon has grip right away, even brand new. Haven't got the front replaced as of 9/6/99, but they seem very well matched, again once the BT57 is up to temp. Even with this comparison I did not start finding the edges of the BT57's grip until I started pushing them hard. For a smooth rider,who doesn't push the bikes limits I believe the BT57's are a fine tire, I got about this same milage out of my BT54's on last years(98) Sprint Executive.
Carlo Costanzo
BT57 8850 KM (5500 miles) - Rear tire was done. Front tire could probably have done another 600/700 miles. Michelin Macadam MX90'S The BT57'S were good until half through after which they started to behave quite differently. Much less intuitive and transmitted defects to the road in a much more evident way. Also, they were the tires that lasted least in all my biking career. Michelins are somewhat slower in turning but they fit my driving style quite well and they last a lot longer. Mine currently have almost 8,000km (5,000 miles) and are only about 60% done. The only defect is the wearing of the front tire which is not perfectly even which makes it become a bit bumpy.
"Jim Gillespie"
BT57 4806 miles, 1mm tread remaining. Orginal front at 7428 miles, 2mm tread remaining   The BT57 rear took a heavily loaded bike around Europe, culminating in probably 600 miles of high speed motorway cruising (the 600 miles were covered at an average speed of over 80mph). The tyre was squared off with plenty of tread left at the edges but rather odd handling characteristics.
"Jim Gillespie"
Rear BT56 4440 miles, 2mm tread remaining BT57 Bike was a demo bike - asked for a new tire on delivery, so they dealer installed a BT56 vs the stock 57
"Rick Damiani"
Metzler MEZ3's 3,000 miles (4,827km) Michelin Macadm M90. The M90 seem to be holding up well, with it looking like it has little wear at all with 3000 miles on it.
"Rick Damiani"
Stock BT57 3,500 miles (5,631km) Metzler MEZ3's The Z3s were very nice, and the front tire lasted a long time with no noticeable cupping. The rear got a flat spot in the middle quite quickly, though
Paul Steinbacher
Michelin MX90 Mileage was 6,800 miles (10,941km)(I think this may have gone up substantially if I had not gone through Virginia returning from the Rallye). Dunlop D207 Turn in somewhere in between the BT57 and MX90, maybe closer to the MX90 than the BT57, transition over the top 'seems' much slower than either of the others. The two really noticeable things I did find were the D207 increased my confidence level greatly and it holds a line way better than the others. I felt lucky to be able to stay within a foot of my desired line with the MX90 and I can stay within probably 3 inches with the D207. I like these tires enough that I will not experiment any more, other than maybe go to a D205 if mileage is too bad.
Paul Steinbacher
BT57 2,500 miles (4,022km) - Tread left, but tires changed due to upcoming 6,800 mile trip Michelin MX90 Turn in and transitions more neutral than BT57, turned a bit slower, I preferred the overall feel of these over the BT57 but I'm sure the BT57 would be the pick if you really value the quick turn in
Paul Steinbacher
Stock BT57 Mileage would have been about 6,500 miles (10,458km) except I got a nail in the rear at 5,200 miles. BT 57 Bridgestone BT 57-Very quick turn in and transitions; I felt like they wanted to keep falling in, good overall tire
Richard White
stock BT57's Tires were replaced at 4,800 miles (7,723km). Front tire was still in good shape, but the rear was to the wear bars in a few areas (middle). D205s on the rear and D207s on the front  
Lisa White
stock BT57's Rear was changed because of a puncture at approximately 6,000 miles (9,654km). In my estimation, I would have been able to reach at least 7,500 miles (12,067km) before needing to replace the rear tire. Front still had plenty of life left. D205s on the rear and D207s on the front  
"Walter Adams"
BT57 Bridgestone 3,853 Miles (6,200 km) and word to the very last tread Again BT 57 because I still had a good front tire. 5000 km and almost gone again.
I will try a Pirelli Dragon next time or maybe a Dunlop 205. It is not a good tire when driving two up all the time. Watch that pressure carefully!! Too much pressure will cause serious sliding.
Stock Bridgestone Battleaxes Wear bars showed on the rear at 10,400 miles (16,733km). Estimate the front tire was 60% worn. Don't know what the tread depth was. Replaced rear with Dunlop 207 same size as stock. Replaced front with Dunlop 204 same size as stock as they were out of front 207s. After 3,000 miles on the new tires I find better grip and the rear is still rounded without flat spotting in the center. I feel the 207s are definitely a better tire than the stock for those that are seeking handling/performance from a sport riding perspective versus more of a touring bent.
"Dennis Tackett"
Bridgestone Battleaxe B57 (I think, it was the stock ones that came on the bike) Front 120/70 17 Rear 180/55 17 Rear 3,700 miles (5,953km) and thread showing. I believe I burned up the rear on a run to the Hill Country with a Daytona. We spent a long time at 120 plus on the long straight roads there and back to make time. Front 4,200 miles. Had plenty of tread left but I didn't want to mix brands. Front Dunlop 120/70 ZR 17 Dunlop Rear 180/55 ZR 17 The Dunlops are much more predictable and do not slide the rear easily like the Battleaxe. They stay planted and inspire confidence. They were pricey ($175 Rear $136 Front including mounting) and I had to order them a month in advance as they are the most popular tires and hard to get.