Sprint ST FAQ's - Wheels

Rear wheel

(front wheel below)

Removal - Socket required is 46mm (or if unavailable a 1 13/16" may be substituted)

Triumph offers the socket on a 1/2" drive for $29.95US. I just went to Sears and bought a 1 13/16" (3/4 drive) and a 3/4 to 1/2 adaptor. Cost for this was $24US


  1. 1 - Raise and support the rear of the motorcycle to allow removal of the rear wheel.
  2. 2 - Remove the silencer (loosen bolt at swivel joint and remove rear mounting bolt)
  3. 3 - To release the wheel, remove:- clip, nut, belleville washer, plain washer, and conical spacer. The retaining clip is removed to allow access to the nut. The first removal of the wheel may require siginificant force to free the nut (little over tight I think). To remove, leave the bike in gear, have someone stand on the rear brake and then use a breaker bar (or wrench with a pipe for added leverage) to free the nut.
  4. 4 - Remove the wheel (If you have panniers, I would recommend removing the metal plate that attaches the lower end of the pannier rail to the rear footpeg mount. By doing this, the rail can be gently moved to allow the wheel to come off - if left in place, you run the risk of scratching the rim while removing it.


  1. 1 - Fit the wheel, aligning with the four location dowels. If you are using panniers, place the wheel perpendicular to the back of the swing arm. Then twist the right side in around the axle. Doing it this way will clear the pannier bracket and axle without scratching the rim.
  2. 2 - Hold the wheel squarely in position while fitting:
    1. - conical spacer
    2. - plain washer
    3. - belleville washer, dished face outwards
    4. - nut
  3. 3 - Tighten the wheel retaining nut to 146Nm and fit the clip.
  4. 4 - Refit silencer.
  5. 5 - Re-attach any pannier mounting plates that may have been removed.

Front wheel

(1999 models) Socket required is 24mm (or 15/16 inch).

(2000+ models) Requires 19mm Hex Key.

All models require a T55 Torx for removal of the calipers.


  1. 1 - Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts (top and bottom) and remove for caliper. Repeat for other side. Do not remove the brake lines. (Be sure not to hang the calipers by the hose - I use a piece of wire through the top mounting hole to the subframe to take the pressure off the brake line). Be sure not to pump the front brakes at this point. If you do you will have to move the pistons back to re-install the calipers.
  2. 2 - Raise and support the front of the motorcycle. I have a series of bolts into the ceiling, which I use in conjuction with tie downs to keep the front end off the ground.
  3. 3 - Slacken the pinch bolts (lower left fork)
  4. 4 - Remove the axle
  5. 5 - Slowly remove the wheel - while lowering, remove the speedo drive unit form the right side and the spacer from the left side. Be sure not to lay the wheel on the disc - I use an old front tire to keep it off the ground. You could also use a couple wooden blocks.


  1. 1 - Place wheel between forks and place in such a way that you have access to the right side. Line up the cutouts on the speedo drive with the flanges on the on the wheel. Seat the drive unit, beign sure that the two are meshed. Caution !! Failure to properly align and seat the two will result in speedo drive failure.
  2. 2 - Insert the sleeve into the left side of the wheel.
  3. 3 - Bring the wheel up between the forks, being sure to keep the speedo wire exiting at a right angle to the fork and exiting from the rear (toward the back of the bike).
  4. 4 - Insert axle and tighten to 61Nm.
  5. 5 - Lower the motorcycle to the ground and pump the front suspension to allow the left fork to float to its natural position.
  6. 6 - Tighten the pinch bolts to 20Nm.
  7. 7 - Clean and degrease the brake discs.
  8. 8 - Fit Calipers and tighten mounting bolts to 40Nm.
  9. 9 - Be sure to pump the front brake several times to verify operation. Many people hop right on and forget to build the pressure back up and have quite a shock the first time they hit the brake ;-)

Torque axle to 61Nm - Pinch bolts to 20Nm

Torque calipers to 40Nm