Sprint ST Modifications
Backrest (requires Triumph rack)
Mod done by Paul Steinbacher
The backrest came out pretty nice, I used a Kawasaki Concours backrest and a piece of angle iron; I bolted the angle iron to the second bolt holes in the toprack and I drilled two more holes in the front cross member; Then I painted everything and bolted the backrest to the angle iron below the rack. The angle is probably a bit straighter than ideal but we rode today and Dee said it was great. The backrest has a basket weave pattern on the face so it is not a perfect match but does not look out of place. It will negate the use of a top case, but all we wanted the rack for was tent and sleeping bags, so I think this will fit the bill just fine until someone comes up with something better. Now we are ready for some real rides.
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