Sprint ST Modifications
Bodywork (Heat Flow) Modification

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Larger cutout by the motor and mesh vent at the bottom
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Close-up of larger cutout
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Close-up of mesh vent
Mods by CDR Howard Stephen Serlick USNR - email him at serlick@comcast.net

I asked Howard to describe the process.... here is his response - Eric
It's rather simple...draw a line where you want to remove the plastic and use a drill making 1/4 inch holes spaced about 1/8" apart. Take a small handsaw and cut through the holes and rasp the serrated edge smooth along the line. Dry sand with 40 grit blue paper, move up to dry sanding with 150 to refine, finish with 320 wet/dry.
Next, it's time to spray/colour match and clearcoat, wet sand 1200 and hand polish with 3M Imperial Hand Glaze. That's it. If anyone wants me to do it, I'll be glad to do it for a fee, since it takes the better part of a day for a left and right fairing panel set.
The belly pan was more of the same to open up. I bought stainless steel wiremesh "cloth" from Manhattan Supply Co. (don't have the actual catalogue number for the mesh cloth as I write) and cut a piece with my snips to match the opening plus an extra inch and a quarter. Drill holes in the plastic wherever a pan head screw will pass through. Space them about 4 to 5 inches apart along the straights and closer together along the radiused edges. About 16 screws will do it. I used black finished panhead screws with internal hex/allen holes. Bought matching Ny-Lock nuts and drilled the stainless mesh to correspond with the holes in the bodywork. Excess mesh is snipped away after holes are drilled for clean interior finish. When the paint work around the edges is dry, match up the holes in the bodywork with those of the stainless mesh and bolt everything together.
If you want a list of parts and perhaps a template, I'll be glad to supply them to anyone who asks...I need to go to my shop and pull the pieces and "spec" them out. If you want more info, just yell,
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