Sprint ST FAQ's - Seat Cowl

Question: Is it possible to use the seat cowl with the rack or grab rail ? Answer: The cowl is designed to be used with the rack or rail removed, however, using Peter's method (below) or my Dremel method (2nd below) to cut around the rear catches on the under side of the cowl, you can modify it so that you can leave the rack installed.
These pics courtesy of Peter Shutes
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From Peter
"I modified my seat cowl the other day.Now I can keep my grab handle on and it looks pretty good.Using a small drill (with the leading cutting edges just licked on the grinder so it wouldn't grab on the plastic), I timidly drilled a series of holes from the inside, following the curve of the two plastic clips that lock into the grooves of the seat. After my third bourbon to calm my nerves I cut the drilled pieces off with a hacksaw and dressed the rough area with a halfround file. With two plastic, panel trim clips (available from any car accessories shop for only a few cents) through the screw holes and speed nuts to hold them in place,I no longer need any tools to remove or replace the cowl. Don't tell my wife and kids if they know it's that easy to take off I'll never ride solo."
regards - Peter

From Eric
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I started out by initially attempting to cut below the two rear clips so that the cowl would still be held in place at the back. After getting it cut out I could not get it to go down far enough, so I would make step one, cutting off the two rear tabs. I then covered the area with masking tape (to keep the paint from chipping while cutting). I then used an index card and with a pair of sissors, cut a template for the hole that would be required. I then traced this onto the masking tape and used my Dremel with standard cutting wheel to cut along the line from the template. Once I got the hole close to the appropriate shape I used the Dremels sanding wheel to smooth the rough spots (with the masking tape still in place. After doing a test fit I painted the white exposed edges with some red touch-up paint and then removed the masking tape. Viola !

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