Sprint ST Modifications
Seat Lock Relocation

This modification would only be necessary if you have the two pannier set installed and find it difficult to insert your key to release the seat lock. The stock location with the bags installed is under the left fairing edge slightly back from the leading edge of the pannier. I found it nearly impossible to get the key in - let alone attempt to turn it.
As shown in the pictures below, the best location I was able to come up with, was directly above the license plate.
Step 1 - remove rack or grab rail if installed.

Step 2 - remove rear fairing.

Step 3 - remove lock mechanism and cable. The lock is held in place by two T27 torx bolts and the cable is released by spreading the fingers on the seat latch.

Step 4 - remove strengthening bracket backplate (in the compartment that is under the brake light)
Step 5 - remove bolts securing the strengthening bracket under the mudguard (4 bolts)

Step 6 - with panniers removed, pull each indicator bracket slightly away from the mudguard so that the locating pins are free of the strengthening bracket.

Step 7 - Pull the the bracket down to allow sufficient room for lock installation. It is NOT necessary to completely remove the bracket (and if you do, reinstallation will be more difficult)
Step 8 - make a template of the lock mounting using the old location as a guide. Using this template mark out the holes to be drilled on the mudguard centering the lock (as the mounting bolts are offset)

Step 9 - Drill 3 holes for the lock and two mounting bolts. Drill a fourth hole on the top left edge (see pic below) for the latch cable to run through.

Step 10 - route cable through the new hole and then install the lock and mount with the two torx bolts. Route cable back to lock and re-crimp the fingers on the seat latch.
Step 11 - Reinstall strengthening brackets, making sure that the alignment pins on the signal brackets line up. Tighten all bolts (6)

Step 12 - Attach cable tie to secure cable and then seal the hole for the cable in the mudguard with silicone.

Step 13 - reinstall fairing and rack/grabrail
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Lock in new location
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Viewed from the side
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Close up view - notice offset (standard) mounting bolts.
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View of the lock in the new location from behind the mudguard looking up from the ground.
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New route for latch cable

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