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Powered Tank Bag
Powered Tank Bag with Map Light Submitted by: John Westcott
While John talks about using a Thunderbird bag, this process works equally well with the ST or RS bags - Eric

I just completed making an "Electrified" Triumph tankbag for my Thunderbird. With my new tankbag set up, I can easily plug in my Widder electric vest, my electric gloves and my radar detector. As an added bonus the bag has a switchable map light. With a few changes, this will also work on any of the Triumph classic bikes and the sportbikes (even the Trophy but you guys have a fairing to put electric sockets into).
1. Triumph Thunderbird tank bag; A9518001; price is around $130 (substitute Daytona bag for Daytona,etc.)
2. BMW tank bag electrification kit; 970925; price is around $160 (dealer let me have one for $110)
3. Uni-Solar 2' fused battery cable; MBC-FBC 2; price is around $10 (got mine from West Marine--this is a fusible link that is attached to the battery and allows for a quick connect/disconnect using a one way plug to avoid switching polarity, can also be used with Battery Tender charger)
4. Marinco Delux 12V receptacle; 12VRC; price is around $13 (this is a cigarette lighter style socket-got it from West Marine)
5. Cole Hersee Co. trailer connection; 11172; price is around $3; (from West Marine-allows for a quick connect/disconnect using a plug that can only be used one way to avoid switching polarity)
6. While at West Marine, you will also need to pick up a10 amp fuse (slow fuse if they have it) and several heat shrink tubes to waterproof all joints and connections.
The BMW electrification panel consists of two 3" by 3" aluminum plates, containing two BMW style electric sockets, a map light within the panel, the wiring, connectors and a switched third socket for inside the tankbag. The two aluminum plates make up the frame and one plate fits on the outside of the tankbag and one plate fits on the inside. The two plates are screwed together with five screws and keep the tankbag rigid at that point. I like the Triumph tankbags because they are very well made, are rigid and waterproof. On the Thunderbird tankbag, there is a small, removable pocket in the front (the front being that part of the bag the rider sees while riding). This pocket part zips in and out and that is where I mounted the BMW panel. Take out the maplight and the two sockets from the panel frame and screw the two plates in (use a drill to drill the holes after lining up the outside and inside panel plates). Next use a soldering iron to cut the square hole for the maplight and the two round holes for the sockets. The tankbag is made up plastic and nylon so the soldering iron works great for this. Put in the map light and two sockets and connect the wiring that came with the BMW panel. There is a small hole in the panel to allow the BMW wiring to come out the front (towards the rider). Cut the two small male push pins off the end of the BMW wiring and connect the quick connect (Cole Hersee trailer connector-red wire to BMW white/red wire and black wire to the BMW brown wire). Solder the connections and use shrink wrap tubes to waterproof everything. Connect the Uni-solar fused battery cable to the battery, red to positive and black to negative. Install a ten amp fuse (the Uni-solar has a waterproof fuse holder for a "ATC blade" fuse). I substituted a Marinco cigarette lighter style socket for the third BMW style socket (that is inside the tankbag) because my Valentine radar detector uses that size). I glued Velcro to the bottom of my detector so I can attach the detector to the Triumph tankbag which already has Velcro on the top.
Put the tankbag on, connect to the quick connect, put on your electric vest and think warm and fuzzy thought while riding. This setup is not the cheapest way to connect up to the battery but the Triumph electric tankbag setup is very trick looking and works wonderful. The maplight and sockets are right where you want them, immediately in front of you as you ride. You can easily take your tankbag off at night with the quick connect plugs and the quick connect can be used with a Battery Tender to charge your battery. I have the quick connect wire from the battery rout ed under the gas tank and above the chrome "900" panel to the tankbag. If I want to take the tankbag off and hide the wire, I take the seat off and pull the quick connect plug back through leave it rolled up just in front of the toolbag underneath the seat.

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