Sprint ST
March 1999
Web based reprint permission was denied by Rider - the following represents some quotes from "Sprint Forward" by Mark Tuttle Jr.
Sprint Forward
Triumph Makes a serious entry in the sport-touring competition with the 1999 Sprint ST.
"for 1999 the Sprint ST has been reintroduced as an all-new sport-touring machine, hence the ST surname"
"...Triumph needed a new chassis; under certain circumstance the latest Daytona's rear subframe just couldn't handle the extra weight of a passenger and loaded panniers together."
"To save weight Triumph has fitted .... Sprint ST engines with cable-actuated clutches and incorporated magnesium cam, clutch, water pump and outlet covers."
"Most impressive still is the spread of torque, which never drops below 56 pounds-feet from 3,5000 rpm all the way to redline"
"For sport-touring duty it could only be better if it ran on water and shot cold Diet Cokes out the exhaust."
"the Sprint ST has a refined ergonomic posture that's sportingly comfy without being squashbutt."
"the Sprint ST can be ridden in comfort from fillup-to-fillup, solo or two-up. Not bad for a first serious attempt on Triumph's part"
"Although at low speeds it falls into tight corners a bit suddenly if you get off the power, the solution is simply to use a bit of trailing throttle to get around smoothly"
"If the Sprint ST is any indication of the direction Triumph Motorcycles is taking, we certainly approve. Although the British company has gone its own way out of necessity in the past, this bike offers as much as the competition with surprisingly few glitches for a first-year machine"
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