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Silver wheelie machine

     Recent research by myself and my good lady has led to evidence to 
     support Kens theory. I would however advocate caution as to the 
     location of the proposed red stripes (See below). As the only (to 
     my knowledge) on-list-owner of a Red and Silver ST I can confirm 
     that Silver is the fastest colour, Black is the slowest colour and 
     Red is somewhere firmly in between. 
     The first stage of this research involved the installation of the 
     silver belly pan. (This also happened to correspond to the installation 
     of the performance pipe and re-tune). I immediatly noticed that the ST 
     was much more prone to lifting its front wheel under hard acceleration. 
     I accredit this to the following facts.
     [1] that the Silver paint is moving significantly faster than the Red.
     [2] Since the belly pan is mounted below and forward of the pivot point 
     the resulting motion is a counter clockwise rotation. (This is 
     obviously why I have experienced no stress fracturing of my bodywork)
     The extension of the research was to add fully loaded luggage to 
     the ST for my recent trip to England and Wales. The boxes have 
     large expances of the slower black finish, particularly my 45L all 
     black Givi topbox. Since the black was now above and behind the 
     pivot point the Sluggish Black and Rapid Silver were now working 
     in concert to pivot the entire machine about the rear axle and 
     keep the front wheel facing firmly skywards out of every slow 
     I feel unable to comment on the stylish sapphire machines as the 
     only blue on my bike came her good self as she tried to find new 
     ways to express her displesure at the newfound hue-augmented 
     handling characteristics of our mount.
     So there you have it gentlemen, that Silver is significantly 
     faster than Black is now a proven fact! There is no other 
     conceivable explanation for the behaviour of my trusty triple. I 
     hope that my research will help to dispel any misconceptions some 
     of may have been labouring under with regard to the colours of 
     your machines.
     Best Regards
     Howlin' Dawg

Ken wrote:
I may not be able to handle the mind numbing speeds created by the 
silver paint. I may have to put some RED stripes on it to slow it down 
considerably  ; )

Matt wrote:
Silver must be the slowest color of all since the fork problem has been 
noted on all color of bikes.I don't remember whose it is, but one of us 
has painted their belly pan silver. I would recommend removing it, before 
you cause serious damage to your bike!

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