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Re: Broken down ST - update

At 10:59 AM 6/24/2000 +0100, Jim Gillespie wrote:
>Rich Weyand writes:
>  > At 12:44 AM 6/24/2000 +0100, Jim Gillespie wrote:
>  > >     If anyone could tell me what wiring leads away from the starter
>  > >relay I'd be most grateful!  As you will all know, there's no wiring
>  > >diagram with the owner's manual :-(
>  > 
>  > Black w/Orange - coil earth to clutch switch
>  > White w/Red    - coil hot from handlebar pushbutton
>  > 
>  > Tan            - battery positive to relay switch
>  > Black w/White   - from relay switch to starter motor
>     Further thought makes me think that you're describing the wires
>connected to the starter solenoid on the left hand side of the
>battery, not the relay which is switched directly by the starter
>button and which is positioned at the bottom right hand side of the
>nosecone.  The relay in which I'm interested has thin white with red
>and, er, dark grey wires leading to the starter button, and two thick
>green with yellow wires which disappear I know not where.

This sounds like the headlight cutout relay, which kills the headlights
when the starter button is depressed to maximize battery voltage at
starting.  My book shows blue and blue w/white.  If you pull this relay,
your headlights should either not work or not cutout on start.  Hard to
tell for sure from the diagram.  This relay is described as one of four
"under the instrument pack" and has a "blue tag on the relay cable".
The starter relay itself is going to be in the shortest path from the 
battery to the motor.

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