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Re: [ST] st Digest, Vol 10, Issue 6 (RAT)

All official RAT packs are recognized by Triumph, but actual RAT packs are run through/sponsored by a dealer.  For example, if there are two dealers each 50 miles from you and they each have a RAT pack, and you want one in between - you're out of luck in terms of being recognized by Triumph.  If a nearby dealer doesn't have one, start it through them and it will be "called" the base point, the the pack is more about who is riding.
  Hope that helps with you getting recognized, and great effort to get more of them going.
  Matt Heyer

Michael Roukas <mroukas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  We have been organizing for a few months now and
things seem to be coming together. We hope to be
recognized by Triumph soon and listed in Torque.
I will keep in touch, Mike Roukas

--- Bob Nixon wrote:

> >Message: 4
> >Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 20:59:07 -0800 (PST)
> >From: Michael Roukas 
> >Subject: Re: [ST] And Harley riders wonder why...
> >To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Message-ID:
> <20060108045907.25082.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> >Steve, Missed you at Thursday's R.A.T. Pack
> Meeting.
> >The next meeting will be on February 2ND at 7:00
> pm. I
> >hope you can join us then. By the way, when my wife
> >and I met (about 30 years ago)I had a motorcycle
> apart
> >in my bedroom. Ten years after that we had a farm
> >house in New York State and two kids. She used to
> open
> >the front door when she heard the bike and I coming
> >home from work so I could ride up the stairs into
> the
> >house. Last year my new Sprint spent the winter
> under
> >a sheet in my living room nice and cozy.Different
> >strokes. Mike
> Mike, good that you RAT guys can communicate. Our
> local RAT rep Craig Westor
> is here in Phoenix where our bigger riding season is
> during the winter.
> Anyway, I'm on four of these online lists now and
> the local RAT forum is
> having a bit of a time getting off the ground with
> just Craig and I doing
> 99% of the postings. Thankfully our local "Canyon
> Scratchers"-35 and older
> group has a lot of on-line traffic, riding,
> +everyone knows each other and
> even has a disproportionately high number of Triumph
> owners including the
> group's moderator, his wife and father. That's Nine
> Triumphs out of 32
> members and half the folks are track or dirt/motard
> only riders.
> Anyway, I'm not sure our local RAT effort is going
> to get motivated with
> their on-line forum. They do have a ride, once in
> awhile and a dinner
> downtown, once a month but "these days" I think you
> need to communicate
> online well else the group won't go anywhere. Below
> is a photo of a group
> ride I went on with the RAT crew in early December
> with 7 total on the ride
> +My friend Paul who showed up at the start on his
> Trophy but couldn't do the
> ride due to prior obligations. Anyway they all
> seemed like nice folks but
> I'd entertain any suggestion you might have about
> getting the group to mix
> more often.
> I've even tried inviting them on some of the other
> group I explained rides
> but so far nada.
> This is about half of the guys who went on the ride;
> me center.
> More of the crew:
> The other well establish group with 8 Triumphs on
> new years day.
> The Moderator of that group's new years story:
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