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RE: Rides

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From: Eric Sheley [mailto:Eric@xxxxxxxxxx]

So, did anyone go riding today ?


- - Eric

No.  :(

It's been a bit cold and snowy here in Colorado for the past couple 
weeks.  There have been a few days in the balmy 40's (that's Fahrenheit), 
but there's still the problem of shady areas with black ice (or, should I 
say African-American ice -- joking, of course), and gravel everywhere (the 
Department of Transportation gets excited when the weather channel says 
snow *might* be coming, and starts dumping gravel and chemicals all over 
the roads.  If people around here had a clue of how to drive in the snow 
(many do, many idiots don't), most of that wouldn't be necessary. But, 
that's for a different thread on a different list.  :)

I bought a new house a year ago, and didn't have my motorcycle-thinking hat 
on... it faces north, so my driveway and part of the street are in the 
shade almost all day this time of year, so I have a bit of a glacier to 
cross to get out of the driveway.  Maybe I should look into some studs or 
chains for my ST's tires?

One thing the ST (and motorcycling in general over the past few years) has 
done to me, that I thought would never happen, is make me consider moving 
somewhere with a year-round warm climate.  Maybe.

Dan Wolf (Dawg Howse)
Blue '00 ST
Longmont, CO

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