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Re: Aftermarket Can

> Does anyone know what the official Triumph stand is on the above issue?
> When I bought my ST it had an aftermarket can fitted.  I questioned my 
> dealer as to whether this would effect the warranty at all and was told it wouldn't.
> Do you think I should get that in writing from the dealer?  Or from Triumph themselves?

Fitting any non Triumph part on your bike invalidates the factory warranty. That said, Triumph does not see your bike, the dealers are Triumph's eyes and ears. What they report to Triumph dictates whether something is covered under warranty or not. Your dealer has already said they'll take care of you, so don't sweat it. They probably won't be willing to put that in writing, since they could get in trouble with Triumph. Obviously, you'd be screwing yourself if you informed Triumph that you had an aftermarket exhaust.


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