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[St] Petrol leak

Ive been suffering with the cold which just wouldnt clear up so id
kept off the bike in the chilly weather. Out i went today - resembling
a michelin man - and the bike which hadnt been started for 3 weeks,
turned over without a hesitation. Wheeling her (for the sake of the
story i will refer to the bike as her) out backwards i put down the
side stand and went to put on my helmet and gloves. At this moment i
noticed fuel leaking to the ground. I turned of the ignition, released
the right hand side panel and looked at the hoses coming out of the
tank. Turned over the engine again and there it was, my very own Trevi

On the RHS there is a white connector coming out of the tank, and the
hose connects onto this. There seems to be no deteroation visible to
the hose and the clip looks strong. What might have made this suddenly
be compromised as the bike hasnt been moved? Maybe the cold weather?

Anyone with any experience in this?
id just talked myself out of getting a newer model as well.....the bitch!

Pat Davies
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